Call for 2018 Award Nominations
29 September, 2018

2018 Awards Definitions and Criteria

1. Lifetime Achievement Award: AAiPS lifetime award be awarded only to AAiPS member when a right candidate is nominated and accepted. 
The AAiPS Life Time Achievement Award is intended to recognize distinguished service in advancing the goals and objectives of the American Association of Indian Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAiPS). It is expected that the nominee for this award will have had a long and productive career in the pharmaceutical field. While the nominee may have had notable scientific accomplishment, this will not be a primary criterion for selection. Specific emphasis will be placed upon achievements that have influenced the advancement and progress of pharmaceutical sciences and AAiPS. The nature of contributions to be considered in selecting the award recipient from among those nominated will include professional leadership, research, teaching, pharmaceutical inventions, authorship of publications, invited lectures, presentations, entrepreneurship, administration, and a broad service to AAiPS.

2. Distinguished Scientist Award: This award should be given to AAiPS member every year. In addition, this  award may be given to a non-member provided (a) if nominated by AAiPS member in good standing and accepted.
The purpose of the AAiPS Distinguished Scientist Award is to recognize individuals who have made significant and pioneering contributions to the pharmaceutical sciences. The term “pharmaceutical sciences” is to be broadly defined to include, but not limited to, such areas of research as pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical technology, drug product development, biotechnology, biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics/drug metabolism, and so forth. The number of high impact publications and/or the number of patents and drug products developed may be considered in the selection criteria. The research may be conducted in academia, industry or other research institutions.

3. Outstanding Achievement Award: This award should be given to AAiPS member every year.
The AAiPS Outstanding Achievement Award will be presented to individuals who made outstanding contributions in a sustained manner over an extended period of time to one or more of the pharmaceutical disciplines such as pharmaceutical research, pharmacy profession, pharmaceutical education, pharmaceutical regulations, and pharmaceutical entrepreneurship. The award will include a broad field of achievements, and the excellence in pharmaceutical research will not be the only criterion for this award. This award is given to only US based individual of Indian origin.

2018 Nomination Requirements

1. Please specify the award for nomination
2. The primary nominations can be made by any current AAiPS member in good standing. Please attest in your letter
3. One nomination letter and one supporting letter that speak specifically and exclusively to the significant accomplishments of the nominee justifying why the nominee is deserving of this recognition
4. One page summary of nominee’s biographical information
5. A complete curriculum vitae, including list of publications, lectures, patents, etc

Send your nomination to Award Committee chair Dr. Sampat Singhvi to his email: