AAiPS stands for American Association of Indian Pharmaceutical Scientists. AAiPS is a 501 (c), non-profit organization which is run entirely by volunteers. For further details please see About Us.

AAiPS organizes four regional dinner meetings in NJ every year (1 per quarter) and one annual meeting in conjugation with AAPS annual meeting. In addition to these, various committees of AAiPS meet on a regular basis for organizational matters. To access the upcoming and past events, please visit Meetings.

The mission of the American Association of Indian Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAiPS) is to provide a forum for discussion, continuing education, and the exchange of ideas on advances in pharmaceutical science and technology. AAiPS has been providing these services to both Indian and non-Indian pharmaceutical scientists and engineers in the New Jersey area for past 20 years. We have a membership of about 700, comprising of pharmaceutical scientists, engineers, suppliers of equipment, materials and services to the pharmaceutical industry.

Please click on Become a Member. You will need to fill out a simple form and pay the appropriate fees.

AAiPS is a truly volunteer-based organization. Our entire Executive committee and various sub-committees (Newsletter, Finance, Membership, and Program) are run by volunteers. We always welcome enterprising and enthusiastic individuals in the pharmaceutical industry to participate and volunteer. Please contact info@aaips.org for more information.

The current rates of membership are as follows:


  • Lifetime membership: $300
  • Annual membership: $35


Yes! There is a chapter in Washington DC area. We encourage people to come forward to start new chapters. For more information please contact info@aaips.org.

Thank you. Please send an email to info@aaips.org and we will make every effort to correct the mistake as soon as possible.

Please visit the About Us page for our contact information. You can write to info@aaips.org for general information type questions. Please feel free to call any one of our Executive Committee members or write to us at P.O. Box 7244, Colonia, NJ 07067