01 April, 2011 - Friday
Crown of India Restaurant660 Plainsboro Road


SEMINAR: 6:30pm
DINNER: 7:30pm


Douglas W. Mendenhall

Douglas W. Mendenhall

Designation: Ph. D

Dr. Mendenhall has over 35 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including 7y with Merck (VP of Pharmaceutical R&D), 11 years with Glaxo/Glaxo-Wellcome (head of Pre-Clinical Development in RTP and in the UK) and 10y at Abbott (Director of Product Development). Since retiring from a full time position in the industry in June, 2008, Doug has started an independent consulting business out of his home in Chapel Hill, NC, dwm Consulting. He currently consults for seven companies in the areas of strategy and leadership and previously acted as Interim Head of Patheon's global Pharmaceutical Development Services division. He has a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and a Masters in Medicinal Chemistry both from the University of Kansas. Over his career Mendenhall has contributed to the development of over 65 commercially marketed products.

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